One piece Sniper King Usopp


Straw Hat Pirates sniper, characterized wearing wind mirror, light brown turban, a long nose.
Childhood is famous blowhard, with the several children in the village, “Usopp pirates”, claiming Usopp captain. Dream is to become a brave warrior at sea.
Specializes in long-distance sniping enemies, fighting also like to use deceptive moves to get the victory, regarded as an intelligent combatants. Timid character, one wanted to escape danger or breaking some strange disease name, such as “tall island landing disease will die” .haha..
He was defeated most frequently, giving the impression that he is the “weakest”, often fighting with enemies into a bitter struggle, but the hearts was brave and full of vision and imagination maritime warriors, and will try to fight with the enemy , and in its own way to defeat enemies, put on a maskwould be get courage (imagine himself is the sniper king).Is a very cute role.5


King of Snipers Sniper King Usopp Two Years ago Cosplay Costume can be found


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