Inuyasha, whose name literally means “dog spirit” is a half demon, half human being, Born to a dog demon father and a human mother. He embraces his demon side more than his human side, but hates being referred as a “dog” or “puppy”. He has a half brother, Sesshoumaru.

Silver long hair, sideburns two dreadlocks down to his chest,one pair of white dog ears at the head , golden eyes, fangs and sharp claws. (Half-demon black hair black eyes, a dog’s ears disappeared, the human ear emergence, dog teeth and claws disappear completely like a ordinary person.)
At full demon half demon, based on gold blue eye, pupil surrounding white blood red, his face appeared two purple pattern, nails become longer and more sharp.
Worn around the neck a bunch of purple beads , wearing a fire red fire rat fur, which is a white shirt, belted style pants, barefoot, iron broken teeth wearing on the waist..

After meeting Kikyo, the miko who guards the jewel, Inuyasha fell in love and wishing to become human instead so that he could live by her side. Naraku unfortunately manipulates them into believing that they betrayed one another, causing the death of Kikyo and leaving Inuyasha in suspended animation for 50 years.

Very cute anime role.InuYasha Red Kimono Cosplay Costume can be found

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