Ao no Exorcist:Kirigakure Shura

Shura Kirigakure (霧隠 シュラ) is an Upper First Class Exorcist and Rin Okumura’s mentor. She trained under the guidance of Shiro Fujimoto to obtain the title Meister as a Knight. She officially works as an Inspector for the Vatican, but has infiltrated True Cross Academy first as a student under the name Yamada and later as a teacher for the Exwires.
Shura possesses long, red hair with yellow ends that resemble flames. She is usually seen wearing a very revealing bikini top, along with shorts and sometimes with stockings as the bottom part of her outfit or also wearing a denim jacket. After she is assigned to become a teacher at the Exorcist Cram School, Shura starts wearing an unbuttoned school jacket and a tie.
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Kirigakure Shura 2


Kirigakure Shura

Kirigakure Shura 1

Ao no Exorcist Kirigakure Shura Cosplay Costume can be found



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