Black Butler:Drossel Keinz

Drossel Keinz,a character introduced in the anime-exclusive Shard of Hope arc,was the Mandalay family puppeteer,but died some time ago,coming back as a doll.
Drossel has ginger hair that is cut in flares,tossed aside from his eyes,and bangs that reach his chin. His eyes,being made of glass,are amethyst and stir emotionless.He wears blue and pink eye shadow to accentuate,as well as,below his right eye,is painted a blue fleur-de-lis.
Drossel’s attire consists of a blue tailcoat,gold piping and a red ribbon tied in a bow around his neck,and a black top hat decorated with a red ribbon and two black feathers.He wears short black pants,white gloves,knee high black-white striped socks,and black boots with gold buttons.He often carries a music box,painted with a blue fleur-de-li that plays the tune of “London Bridge”,hanging from his neck.Check the following Drossel Keinz cosplay,Drossel Keinz Cosplay Costumes is offered by Eshopcos.


Dro (1)

Dro (3)


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