Macross Frontier :Saotome Alto




Alto Saotome is a high school student in the Mihoshi Academy Pilot Training course, Alto Saotome is often mistaken for a girl at first glance because of his long hair and fine features.  He was even give the nickname “Hime” which means “Princess”. His good looks were revealed to have been inherited from his late mother, Miyo Saotome, who was said to be a considerable beauty.A somewhat aloof and standoffish boy, Saotome Alto was born into a well-known Kabuki family, but his persistent yearning for the skies has had him disowned by his father. He constantly frets about living aboard the Macross Frontier due to the lack of a true “sky”. He piloted the VF-25 Messiah variable fighter after its original pilot, Henry Gilliam, was killed by a large type Vajra. His flying skills bring the attention of Ozma Lee, who accepts him as a candidate for the S.M.S. Skull Squadron.

Saotome Alto

When S.M.S. grew suspicious of Leon and broke away from the Frontier fleet, Alto was one of the few S.M.S. members who stayed behind on Frontier. He later joins the N.U.N.S. forces and is assigned to the 4th Fighter Wing as squad leader (3 fighters) with call sign Sagittarius-1. As a result, he was given a new VF-171EX variable fighter. As the Frontier fleet lands on the Vajra home planet, he ejects from his damaged VF-25 in his EX-Gear, giving the fighter a final salute as he fulfills his dream of flying in a real sky. In the final episode, he states that Sheryl and Ranka are his wings. His feelings for the two left are unknown. Alto is last shown flying over Sheryl and Ranka as they await him on the ground.More Macross Frontier  information at


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