Meet Rize, Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka? This Video

Finally the series is April and spring 2014 season are starting to be released . Already know Gochuumon Usagi wa Desu ka? If yours is the moe and comedy, do not hesitate to give us a look .

Being an anime adaptation of the original manga Koi wa Usagi Gochuumon Desu ka ? (Is the order a rabbit ) , This new series had a good spring show from its official site one of the commercial that has been airing on TV in Japan. With voice Risa Taneda , the ad is dedicated to Rize, protagonist of the story .

“I am Rize . I am working part time at the Casa Conejo. I was trained in many ways by my soldier father but still am a normal high school girl . Believe me ! And remember Gochuumon Usagi wa Desu ka? Starts in April.”

Take this opportunity to introduce you to the rest of the cast that accompany Rize :Sakura Ayane Cocoa,Inori Minase as Chinese,Maaya Uchida as Sharo,Risa Taneda as Rize,Satomi Satou as Chiya

You guys already knew this comedy manga ? It is inspired by a 4koma slice of life which began publication in 2011. Temperature In adapting Hiroyuki Hashimoto directorial White Fox With experience stories divertidad Kazuyuki Fudeyasu working on scripts and Yousuke Okuda in the character design .I like this anime ,the cosplay costumes will be find in


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