Kantai Collection Kancolle Akagi Cosplay+Costume

“I’m the aircraft carrier, Akagi. As part of the core of the Mobile Strike Force, I support the victorious advances. Together with my pride experienced planes, we were called the invincible fleet. Overconfident, you say…? Hmm, perhaps so…I’ll keep that in mind.” – Akagi






5Akagi is typically seen wearing a chest protector over white and red clothes along with a bow and arrow. Sometimes, she is depicted eating something (usually rice or bauxite) or is shown with a repair bucket. Kantai Collection Kancolle Akagi Cosplay Costume as following from http://www.eshopcos.com :

Kantai Collection Kancolle Akagi Cosplay CostumeDetails: http://www.eshopcos.com/kantai-collection-kancolle-akagi-cosplay-costume


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