Resident Evil : Osmund Saddler


Osmund Saddler was the leader of Los Iluminados, a now-extinct cult that formerly operated in rural Spain.The biggest villain in the Resident Evil 4 .
He lied to castle main ramon salazar open the seal of parasitic body fossils underground caves.Saddler use parasitic body control Villagers , and let his slaves built the research base.He tried to wake up a petrochemical and imprisoned in Europe Plagas parasite underground the village, through the diffusion of this parasite control throughout the United States, will all become his followers.
In the game saddler has two forms appear. that is humanoid (ada papers last BOSS) and parasites form after deformation ( the final chapter leon BOSS) in two distinct forms, so there is a big difference in the play.

Resident Evil 4 Osmund Saddler Cosplay Costume can be found