Uta no Prince-sama Nanami Haruka Cosplay

Nanami Haruka  is the heroine of Uta no Prince sama. She enters Saotome Academy with the idea to become a music composer to ensure that she will write songs on her idol, HAYATO.She has short, reddish-orange hair and bright yellow eyes with green pupils in the manga, anime and game.She is a shy, honest girl, shown to be rather restless and possesses an optimistic personality. She has become dubbed since the Goddess of Music by Tsukimiya Ringo and Shining Saotome as a consequence of her composing and power to create beautiful music.I love this confident personality How about you?

Nanami Haruka Saotome


Nanami Haruka Saotome 1


Nanami Haruka Saotome 2

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