Final Fantasy type-0 Machina Cosplay Costume

Machina Kunagiri is a character in Final Fantasy Type-0. He is a newly added member of Class Zero who wields a pair of rapiers. He is brave and powerful; traits which had him transferred into Class Zero. Final Fantasy type-0 Machina cosplay Costume can be found at as following:


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Bleach Uryū Ishida Cosplay Costume+(Shoes Boots)

Uryū Ishida is one of the main fictional character in the anime and manga series Bleach.Uryū Ishida is a black-haired,bespectacled teenager of average height,generally shy and quiet yet tries harder to act cool around others.His character has been well received by readers of Bleach,commonly appearing in the top ten of the characters popularity polls from the manga.Which character in Bleach is your favorite? Here is the Bleach Uryū Ishida cosplay costume as following:

Bleach Uryū Ishida cosplay shoes:

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Bleach Ulquiorra Schiffer cosplay costume

The quiet, over-analytical arrancar who ranks 4th in the Espada, Ulquiorra is melancholic and seems to be uninterested in unnecessary battles, keeping his hands in his pockets for most of the battle. Like all arrancar, he possesses a “hollow hole”, the place where his spirit chain once was, on his chest.  Here is the Bleach Ulquiorra Schiffer cosplay costume:


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Devil May Cry Dante cosplay

The series centers on the main character Dante’s goal of avenging his mother’s murder by exterminating demons. The gameplay consists of heavy combat scenes in which the player must attempt to extend long chains of attacks while avoiding damage in order to exhibit stylized combat.

For Devil May Cry I would like to see some backstory chronicles that stars Vergil and Sparda, I want to know how Vergil became dark and evil in first place, what happened to Sparda.  I like play game,I like cosplay,With Cosplay costumes the screen life will be true.How do you think?

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Vampire Knight Zero Kiryuu

Zero Kiryuu

Despite being a gifted hunter even at a young age, Zero was turned into a vampire himself, and thus has a difficult time thinking of himself or any vampire as anything but a monster.

Zero Kiryuu  1

He is intelligent, athletic and good-hearted, but he struggles his desire for blood and his equally strong desire to kill vampires. This heavy burden has made Zero a very private person, making him difficult to understand or even be close to.

I love Vampire Knight,I love Zero.The above cosplay do you love? Vampire Knight Day Class Uniform Zero Kiryuu Cosplay Costume as following:

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To become a superhero

Since we were little kids we have wanted to dress up like our favorite superhero. Sometimes it can be tough to achieve this goal because you might be short on cash at the moment. There are some cheap  superhero costumes.

Every single stitch of this costume just screams “cool.” From the angular, opaque eyes to the way the gloves, shoulders and chest and all integrated in one smooth, flowing pattern, Spider-Man broke the mold.

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A Ruthless Killer Gaara

A ninja affiliated with Sunagakure, Gaara is the son of the village leader,
the Fourth Kazekage. When he was only a fetus, his father attempted to turn
him into a human weapon by placing a tailed beast into him, and he was
ostracized by the Sunagakure villagers. As a result, Gaara became a ruthless
killer, slaying others without remorse, and treating his siblings Kankuro and
Temari with contempt.

I like this anime,like the every character of this anime,the screen life could be copied in real life, all we need is professional cosplay costumes.of course,I also love cosplay. The gaara cosplay costume can be found the outfits as following: