Vocaloid Kagamine Rin\Len Cosplay&Kagamine Len Costume

Vocaloid- Kagamine Len Cosplay

Vocaloid Kagamine Len.Ren Cosplay

Vocaloid Kagamine Len。Ren Cosplay

Vocaloid Kagamine Len-Cosplay

The second installment from Vocaloid 2, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len are 2 voice synthesizers packaged into one. According to their official blog, Rin and Len are not siblings, but mirrors of one another. In fact, the family name is comprised of “kagami” meaning “mirror” and “ne” meaning “sound”. Rin and Len is also a pun for Left and Right. Which one you like better? Rin or Len?

Vocaloid Kagamine Len Cosplay CostumeVocaloid Kagamine Len cosplay costume details: http://www.eshopcos.com/cosplay-costume/game-costume/vocaloid






Vocaloid Kagamine Rin Cosplay,Costume for Sandplay of the Singing Dragon

Sandplay of the Singing Dragon Kagamine Rin

Sandplay of the Singing Dragon Kagamine Rin cosplay

Sandplay of the Singing Dragon is a popular song by Hatsune Miku. Other member of Vocaloid family also sang this song.  This cosplayer looks cool! Vocaloid Kagamine Rin cosplay costume as following:



Details: http://www.eshopcos.com/cosplay-costume/game-costume/vocaloid